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About Nerves & Bones

Nerves & Bones, Inc is a medical device distribution and consulting company based in Providence, Rhode Island. The company specializes in neurosurgical and orthopedic implants and instrumentation.

Through support and collaboration with surgeon partners, the company has been able to focus on launching unique, novel products in the markets they serve.

Areas of Service

Nerves & Bones, Inc has representatives in several states and countries.

About Our Founder

Miles C. Wilson,

Miles has a decade of experience as a medical device marketing and sales professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (SUNY Brockport) and a Masters of Business Administration in Health Care (Cleveland State University). Prior to entering the medical device marketplace, Miles coached college basketball for 10 years for prestigious institutions like the United States Naval Academy, The Citadel, Randolph-Macon College, and Hobart College. Miles resides in Rhode Island with his beautiful wife Kristen and their four boys. He enjoys saltwater fishing and playing hoops with his boys in his free time.





203 South Main Street
Providence, RI 02903